William Shatner And Miss Congeniality Cast Celebrate 'Perfect Day' From One Of The Flick's Most Memorable Scenes

William Shatner and Heather Burns in Miss Congeniality
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Describe your idea of a perfect date is a fun ice breaker for people. Well lately the answer is not “taking long walks on the beach” or “living life to the fullest.” Instead fans are focusing on Cheryl Frasier’s answer in Miss Congeniality when she said "April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” To better celebrate “the perfect date,” William Shatner and the cast of Miss Congeniality had their own ways of celebrating one of the flick’s most memorable scenes.

We can all thank the Miss United States crown winner Cheryl Frasier for having this “perfect date” of April 25 glued to our minds. This date has not escaped the cast of Miss Congeniality either. According to Entertainment Weekly, the cast has shared their appreciation for the date. Heather Burns, who played Cheryl Frasier, posted on Instagram a photo from the film of Cheryl crying as her winning crowd was ripped off by FBI agent Gracie Hart with the caption “Wishing everyone love, light, and a PERFECT DATE!" 

You may remember William Shatner playing Captain James T. Tirk in the phenomenal Star Trek series, but he also played pageant host Stan Fields in the hit rom-com who posted on Twitter “Happy #PerfectDateDay!” It’s nice to see an actor highly known for one role never allowing audiences to forget other roles he’s just as proud to have played.

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Movies tend to do a great job of helping us remember certain dates as an excuse to celebrate these classics. I’m about to give you a calendar of movie dates to remember forever in your mind. Mean Girls' idea of a perfect date is October 3rd, the day that made Cady gush when her crush Aaron Samuels asked her what day it was. This sparked a Mean Girls Day where you can sit back wearing your army pants and flip-flops to rewatch Mean Girls with a Toaster Strudel in your hand. There’s also Rex Manning Day on April 8th from Empire Records which you can remember as the day the fictional ‘80s pop star Rex Manning visited the iconic record store. Groundhog Day is a given to be celebrated on February 2nd as an excuse to watch Bill Murray get caught in a hilarious time loop. 

We can all learn from characters like Miss Congeniality's Cheryl Frasier that sometimes the right answer to a question is the one that is right for you. While other beauty contestants would be quick to answer this question by throwing in dating cliche answers, she stayed true to herself about what her perfect date was even if wasn't the answer we were expecting. She didn’t need to be anybody but herself in order to win the Miss United States pageant as she twirled a fiery baton or two. 

While we don’t need another Miss Congeniality sequel featuring Gracie Hart, Cheryl would still be a delight to see if she was in her own spin-off as long as the release date is on April 25th. You can currently watch Miss Congeniality on your HBO Max subscription.

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