Sandra Bullock Bluntly Admits Miss Congeniality 2 ‘Shouldn’t Have Been Done’ But Opens Up About Why She’s OK With It

Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality
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Miss Congeniality is considered one of Sandra Bullock’s most memorable movies. However, the sequel didn't really resonate with audiences in quite the same way. Sandra Bullock admitted that the Miss Congeniality follow-up probably should not have happened, but she is also okay with having done the movie.

The Lost City star got honest with Metro, saying that Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous should not have been done, and instead been left alone. However, she was happy that she got to do the movie to work with the great Regina King. In her words,

Two shouldn’t have been done but I’m glad that it did because of Regina, who I just freaking adore. That one should have remained a one-off.

The Miss Congeniality sequel was about the return of FBI agent Gracie Hart in her quest to save her friend and pageant winner of the last film, Cheryl Frasier. She was forced to work with a cankerous partner, played by Regina King, with who they continuously butted heads. Unfortunately, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous was poorly received with a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sandra Bullock would have agreed with Roger Ebert at the time as he said that the film was "unnecessary" with "no good reason to go and actually see it." 

It is because of this movie as well as Speed 2, another sequel that failed on a big budget, that Sandra Bullock had a strict no-sequel rule. After all, she shot down wanting to appear in The Heat sequel. But if there was anything good about Miss Congeniality 2, it was that Bullock and Regina King had great chemistry with each other and made a great comedic duo. Other than that, the sequel appeared to make the character of Gracie Hart this shallow person she never was in the previous film. Her comedic quirks from the first movie that used to make us laugh would come off as annoying the second time around.

Recently, Sandra Bullock starred in The Lost City with Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. Critics were saying that this romantic-comedy adventure film was a “breath of fresh air” that serves as a guilty pleasure movie. You may assume that if The Lost City gets the sequel treatment, Bullock will yet again refuse. Luckily, this Speed star had a recent change of heart about her no-sequels rule in that she expressed interest in wanting to be a part of a potential sequel if the same crew was a part of it too. As for another Miss Congeniality movie, I think it’s safe to say that Sandra Bullock will stay away from continuing the role of Gracie Hart and moving on to other more successful projects.

You can find the Miss Congeniality movies on your HBO Max subscription and check out The Lost City in theaters now. 

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