The good news is the following will only tell you about things that won’t happen in Captain America: Civil War. However, that means in many cases that you will learn that the opposite thing does happen. Spoiler Warnings Apply.

With any major film release, there are going to be rumors. In most cases, rumors don’t turn out to be true. When it came down to it, quite a few of the rumors for Captain America: Civil War were actually true, but there were some that we’re completely off the mark.

If you want to learn what actually does happen, go see the movie. If you want to remember how you felt when you read some crazy rumors over the last couple years, read on. Here are 11 Civil War rumors that turned out to be total BS, starting with the biggest one:

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Captain America Dies
It wasn’t difficult to guess that this rumor would pop up as it was a major part of the original comic book story of Civil War. It was specifically rumored however that the film would follow that aspect of the book, and Captain America would die at some point in his own movie. It wasn’t clear exactly how long Chris Evans would want to continue the role and so it appeared for awhile that this would be where Evans made an exit. (Even if it was temporary.) Luckily for fans, this was not the case. Steve Rogers may not be quite the same man the next time we see him, but he’s alive and well.

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