11 Captain America: Civil War Rumors That Turned Out To Be Totally False

The good news is the following will only tell you about things that won’t happen in Captain America: Civil War. However, that means in many cases that you will learn that the opposite thing does happen. Spoiler Warnings Apply.

With any major film release, there are going to be rumors. In most cases, rumors don’t turn out to be true. When it came down to it, quite a few of the rumors for Captain America: Civil War were actually true, but there were some that we’re completely off the mark.

If you want to learn what actually does happen, go see the movie. If you want to remember how you felt when you read some crazy rumors over the last couple years, read on. Here are 11 Civil War rumors that turned out to be total BS, starting with the biggest one:

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Captain America Dies

It wasn’t difficult to guess that this rumor would pop up as it was a major part of the original comic book story of Civil War. It was specifically rumored however that the film would follow that aspect of the book, and Captain America would die at some point in his own movie. It wasn’t clear exactly how long Chris Evans would want to continue the role and so it appeared for awhile that this would be where Evans made an exit. (Even if it was temporary.) Luckily for fans, this was not the case. Steve Rogers may not be quite the same man the next time we see him, but he’s alive and well.

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War Machine Dies

From the first trailer, we saw that things were not going to go well for War Machine. The image of Tony Stark crouched over a prone, and obviously injured Rhodey became one of the key images of the promotion for Captain America: Civil War. The idea that War Machine might die was pushed so strongly, it honestly gave us the impression that it was the one thing that would NOT happen. However, the rumor was always there, and we always wondered, until we saw the movie and realized he lives to fight another day.

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Vision/Scarlet Witch Romance

Maybe this rumor wasn’t completely false, but as stated, it still turned out to be untrue. The rumor was that Vision and Scarlet Witch would either start Captain America: Civil War as a couple or their relationship would evolve to that place during the movie. While there’s no doubt that there’s something going on between them (Vision cooks for her!), there’s no relationship by the end of the film. It’s an important distinction, because it has some bearing on a couple other false rumors.

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Scarlet Witch Dies

Oh, look Mr. Frodo, more dead Avengers. Wanda Maximoff was another Avenger rumored to be killed off during Captain America: Civil War. What’s more, the rumor was that she would die at the end of the film during the Avengers' battle with Baron Zemo, an event that never even takes place. This rumor had legs, however, because it fed into one final idea involving Vision that seemed like it was something that might actually happen. Moving on...

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Vision Flies Off

This was one of the stronger rumors that persisted for awhile. The idea was that at the end of Captain America: Civil War, Vision (Paul Bettany) would actually fly off into space. One rumor suggested it was the loss of Scarlet Witch that caused him to leave, since he couldn’t deal with it emotionally. We then thought we might see him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2., and that this could begin to connect these two disparate parts of the MCU. Not only is Vision still on earth and not an emotional wreck, he’s probably the only Avenger not torn to pieces, either physically or emotionally, at the end of Civil War.

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Falcon Dies And/Or Becomes The New Cap

One more Avenger death, just for good measure. This one seemed unlikely at the time, especially considering that we still weren’t sure that Captain America would survive Civil War. We weren’t convinced that both Cap and Falcon would fall in the same movie. Still, it was a rumor... as was the one that Falcon would assume Cap's role. Neither happened. Falcon flies all over the film, and does so with near perfect precision. He’s never really in any serious danger of death, except maybe after that one blast from Iron Man. That probably hurt.

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We Won’t See Wakanda

Rumors went back and forth about whether or not we would see the Black Panther’s home country of Wakanda. If you stop watching the film when the credits roll, then you wouldn’t have seen it, but in the mid-credits sequence for Captain America: Civil War, we see Cap and Bucky safe in the African nation with T’Challa. It appears this will be their safe house for the foreseeable future. We do get a shot of the exterior of the building they’re all in, as well. Wakanda has some strange rock formations.

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The Hulk Was Going To Be In It

This was another rumor that went back and forth. We were fairly certain that Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk would not be seen in Captain America:Civil War, but every time we started to be sure, there’d be a new rumor, and some of them came from seemingly reliable places, like Robert Downey Jr. There were even reports of Mark Ruffalo on the set in Germany, fanning the flames of gossip. In the end, the Hulk was only mentioned, and we look forward to seeing him in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Stark Made Spider-Man's Web Shooters

Interestingly, the rumors we heard about how Spider-Man would join the MCU, and how Tony Stark would be a big part of that, we’re remarkably spot on. However, many of those same rumors implied that Tony would actually be responsible for Spider-Man’s web shooters, that he would not have them when we meet him. This was, at best, half right. Tony did make shooters for Peter Parker, but he only improved on what Peter had already created. Peter was poor and did most of his scientific work out of a dumpster, but he was able to put together everything he needed to be Spider-Man. Tony Stark just made him better at it.

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Captain America Would Wield Thor’s Hammer

This one was another that didn’t make a great deal of sense at the time, as Thor was the one Avenger that we seemed sure would not appear in the film. However, somebody claimed to be on the set to see Captain America, either Chris Evans or a stand-in, holding a CGI prop that resembled a double sided hammer. This led some to make the leap that the one other Avenger who was capable of getting movement out of Mjolnir might get another swing. What’s interesting is that other aspects of the set visit did appear to be accurate, so this may have been a simple misunderstanding, not an intentionally bogus rumor.

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Red Skull Would Appear, In Some Way

This is one we still wish came true. Captain America’s most famous adversary got sucked into a vortex in Captain America: The First Avenger, and we haven’t seen him since. There have been a handful of rumors that he may return over the years, and they came back for Captain America: Civil War, as well. One theory was that Zemo’s ultimate objective was to resurrect the former Hydra leader, while another was that Zemo himself was the Red Skull reborn in some form. Neither proved to be the case. The Civil War between Iron Man and Cap was enough to carry the film. It didn’t need more villains. Red Skull waits, for another year.

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