One of the most anticipated movies over the next few months, or the next few years, is easily Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The seventh Episode in the epic space opera has fans frothing at the mouth, and even after the letdown that was George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, anticipation and expectations are through the roof for this one.

How high are expectations? Well, a new report in Variety states that, according to a recent survey, 63% of Star Wars fans polled expect The Force Awakens to be the best film in the saga. That’s a bold prediction, but those who expect this to be the greatest Star Wars movie ever have their reasons, so we decided to run through them. Take a look at let us know what you think.

Star Wars
More Advanced CGI
The original Star Wars trilogy is definitely a product of its time, and the special effects reflect this. They were groundbreaking for their era (and many fans still love them), but with audiences so used to slick, photorealistic computer generated effects, The Force Awakens promises to take a huge step forward in that regard. We’ve already seen some of this on display in the trailers. Still, it won’t be all CGI, as director J.J. Abrams and company have gone out of their way to use practical effects wherever possible. Instead of the ubiquitous green screen George Lucas employed in the prequels, Episode VII promises to use digital effects sparingly, which will hopefully prove to be a solid mixture of the two sides of the coin, and give the digital creations that much more weight when we do see them.

34% of those polled citied more advanced CGI as the reason The Force Awakens will be the best Star Wars movie ever.

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