As a character, the Joker has been a villain deep-seated in mystery for decades, and that’s no different for the version appearing in Suicide Squad. Although we’ve known for awhile that Jared Leto will be playing the new big screen version of the Clown Prince of Crime, there’s been no official information on what his role will be in the film. Several reports have stated he’s not a member of the Squad itself, but what kind of antics he will be getting up to is mostly still a mystery. Fortunately, we now have new information about what the DCCU Joker will be like.

Earlier today, Latino Review posted new information on what fans will see of Joker in Suicide Squad, including interactions with fellow Batman villain Hugo Strange. Some of these details harken back to the character’s oldest roots while others will adapt iconic moments from his history, but all together they paint the picture of a Joker we’ve never seen before in live-action. Here are the five big things that we can expect to see with Suicide Squad’s Joker next year.

5. He’s Based On The Dark Knight Returns Version
5. He’s Based On The Dark Knight Returns Version
It’s well-known at this point that Ben Affleck’s Batman is partially based off The Dark Knight Returns version the character, specifically his older age and Bat-armor. The classic 1986 miniseries will also be inspiring the DCCU Joker, especially concerning his look. The report states that he is "lean & scarred but his suit does have broad shoulders." In the original story, Joker has been catatonic for years, and it was only when Batman reappeared that he regained consciousness and began another murder spree. It doesn’t sound like the unconsciousness aspect will be adapted for Suicide Squad, but if/when he escapes, perhaps he’ll be wearing the white and purple suit he rocked in the original story and animated movie.

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