Batman has The Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman has Cheetah. While Priscilla Rich, a debutante with a split personality, was the first Cheetah in the comics, the movie would be better off using Barbara Ann Minerva, the third Cheetah. Minerva was a selfish archaeologist that drank a potion (changed in the New 52 to cutting herself with a magical knife) that transformed her into The Cheetah. Her early obsession was trying to steal Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, but eventually this changed to her simply wanting to defeat the Amazon in combat.

Cheetah is Wonder Woman’s greatest enemy in the comics, so it’s practically certain they will eventually adapt her in live-action. Beyond that, she is the perfect twisted foil for Wonder Woman. While Diana was blessed with powers from birth and uses them to protect the innocent, Cheetah is a human who sought power for her own malevolent purposes and is now only satisfied causing destruction. As an homage, the movie could even take a cue from recent stories and have the other Cheetahs be aliases that Barbara has used while on the run as a criminal.

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