Earlier this year in Ant-Man, Scott Lang was recruited by Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne to help them stop Pym’s former protege Darren Cross from releasing the Pym Particles to the public. This battle escalated when Cross donned the Yellowjacket suit, but in the end, Scott as the new Ant-Man was successful in stopping the deranged industrialist. Now Ant-Man and The Wasp is coming in 2018, which means a new primary antagonist is called for Scott and Hope to take on.

Aside from the loose end of secondary antagonist Mitchell Carson escaping Ant-Man with a sample of imitation Pym Particles, there have been no hints about who Ant-Man and Wasp will face in their next movie. While these heroes don’t have the greatest rogues gallery in comics, there are a few baddies who would provide a unique challenge to the tiny superheroes. Keep in mind that although most of these villains fought Hank Pym and/or Janet van Dyne while they were Ant-Man and Wasp, they can easily be adapted for Scott and Hope to battle. Here are the malevolent folks Marvel should take into consideration.

After discovering at a young age that he could spin his body at incredible speeds, David Cannon turned to a life of crime, but he was defeated a number of times in the early years by Giant-Man (Hank Pym’s super-sized identity) and The Wasp. He originally went by Human Top, but later changed it to the more fitting (and less DC Comics-sounding) Whirlwind to go along with his efforts to improve his skills and reputation.

Like the rest of the entries on this list, Whirlwind allows Ant-Man and Wasp to fight an enemy that isn’t simply using a twisted version of their abilities, a common trope in the MCU. Obviously Whirlwind’s powers would have to be attributed to technology (which would additionally explain the armor he wears) or being an Inhuman since mutants are a no-no in the MCU. Pitting him against the tiny heroes would also be a great way to introduce the Giant-Man powers, assuming those rumors about Scott Lang sizing up in Captain America: Civil War aren’t true.

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