Director James Mangold’s Wolverine 3 will be Hugh Jackman’s final time playing the metal clawed mutant, but fortunately, he won’t be without other X-Men characters accompanying him. It’s now official that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Professor X, and the film will explore the father/son relationship between the two. The thing is, why stop there? While this is a spinoff has opposed to one of the main X-Men entries, there’s no reason why the movie can’t include other faces from Wolverine’s life, both in the comics and in this cinematic universe.

Plot details for Wolverine 3 are nonexistent beyond a few offhand comments that it might be based on Old Man Logan. Regardless, while the focus should of course remain on Logan himself, there’s enough precedence to bring other X-Men characters into the story - whether they’re characters we’ve met before, or have yet to be seen in live action. Whatever your opinions about Jackman’s Wolverine performance are, there’s no denying that this move is going to be a big deal, which is why Logan should have more familiar company around him. Take a look at the folks we’ve selected that fill this quota.

If Wolverine hadn’t met Rogue in X-Men, he never would have gotten drawn into the wider world of mutants… well, following his memory loss anyway. These two had a close relationship in the first three films, with Logan acting as her unofficial big brother. Aside from X-Men: Days of Future Past-The Rogue Cut, Anna Paquin hasn’t been involved with the X-Men franchise for years, and the actress recently confirmed she won’t be appearing in Gambit. Still, maybe Paquin would be amenable to reprising Rogue in Wolverine’s third adventure. Rogue is a grown woman now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more she can learn from Wolverine - or vice versa – and maybe her power absorbing mutation/own expertise will come in handy against the film’s threat (maybe giving her the ability to fly?). The specifics aren’t as important as just seeing these two back together.

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