There are always casualties in war, and Captain America: Civil War won’t be any exception next year. Granted, this is the world full of superheroes, and in the comics, deaths are rarely permanent. That said, this is also a live action franchise, and in order to show that this story has real stakes, Marvel will need to take someone off the board permanently. While bad guys are frequently killed in the MCU, we can’t help but suspect this time we’ll also lose a good guy. So far it’s hard to tell who will bite the dust, though that shot of Iron Man holding a fallen War Machine in this week’s teaser trailer certainly didn’t look good.

As hard as it is to predict which major characters will die, one thing we do know ahead of time is the characters who won’t. Whatever ends up happening in the 2016 blockbuster, some of the heroes who will be taking part in the conflict have already been awarded a Get Out of Death Free card thanks to plans already in motion both officially and likely behind the scenes. If you’re feeling blue about losing one of your favorite heroes next year, cheer yourself up by taking a look at the people who will definitely return to fight another day.

Vision is still a newbie to the MCU, but he gets to stay during Captain America: Civil War for one reason: that shiny jewel on his forehead. It’s the Mind Stone that allows the android to shoot energy beams and generate material around him, and that's on top of everything his synthetic body can do, making him one of the movie’s heaviest hitters. Unfortunately, the Mind Stone will also paint a target on his back when a certain Mad Titan comes calling on Earth. We all know what’s coming: Thanos will rip the Mind Stone off Vision to put in the Infinity Gauntlet, and he’ll probably destroy the body for good measure. So Vision will be safe in when the superhero battle unfolds next year…afterwards, not so much.

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