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Besides having a title that sounds like it’s stolen from a 1980s buddy cop movie, Real Steel has some serious hurdles to overcome even now that we’re only a week out from the film’s release October 7th. First, when you say Real Steel to someone, undoubtedly they’ll say “Oh that Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie?” and that’s going to prevent a lot of casual film goers from taking it seriously and making the leap to see it on a whim next weekend. Second, regardless of what we see from it, the story remains ridiculous to an unignorable degree.

We have seven new clips from the film that dig a little bit deeper into the relationships the film’s lead Charlie Kenton, played by a de-Wolverined Hugh Jackman, has with his son Max and his love interest Bailey Talley, LOST’s Evangeline Lilly finally getting a featured role on the big screen. Check out the clips below.

From these clips, three of them put together most of the scene that seemingly strips Jackman of his prized robot Noisy Boy, champion in the Japanese robot fighting circuit. Noisy Boy and Jackman lose a big fight to Spartan and his handler which prompts the search for a new robot to start fighting. On the hunt in another clip, Jackman details the progression of the robot fighting sport and how it came to be that it was smarter to just let robots beat each other up rather than humans.

A few early reviews have been generally positive despite the outlandish premise, so there’s no real reason to count this film out just yet. It stars respectable actors and it looks like it might be good for a laugh even if it doesn’t mean to be. Real Steel won’t have much competition next week with the Clooney/Gosling political thriller The Ides of March aimed at a completely different demographic, so if you want action and fun Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Jackman is your only choice.