Deadpool said it best: superhero movies can come in the form of solo movies, or more lucrative team ensembles. As one of the oldest superhero franchises in existence, the X-Men series has introduced an army of characters over the last two decades. Some of these characters – like Wolverine or the aforementioned Merc with the Mouth – are well suited to the solo treatment. However, some characters should never, ever get a solo movie of all to themselves.

We’ve gone through the long history of the X-Men mythos and pulled out seven characters that should remain in the team environment. Sure, they might be fun characters to watch on screen, but we have a hard time believing that they could support a film on their own merit. Now let’s get this list off to a quick start with one of the X-Men universe’s most popular new characters…

Although he has clearly become the standout favorite among the new ensemble of X-Men, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver might not be the best-suited character to lead his own solo movie. Don’t get me wrong; we adore his character, his abilities, and the action sequences inherent to those abilities. However, over the course of the last two films, it has become abundantly clear that Quicksilver works best when he has a team of straight-laced X-Men mutants to play off of. Without someone like Wolverine, Mystique, or Professor X there to play straight man to Peter Maximoff’s funnyman, we’re not sure if this speedster would have the same degree of charm we have come to expect from him.

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