Is Anton Yelchin Going To Play Harry Osborn In The Spider-Man Reboot?

Back when Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was first coming together, James Franco showed up to the audition to try out for the role of the web-slinger. Raimi, producers and the casting director ended up going in a different direction, casting Tobey McGuire in the role, but offered Franco the role of Spidey's best friend, Harry Osborn, which Franco went on to play in three movies. Nearly 10 years later, history may be repeating itself.

On the IMDb page for the currently Unititled Spider-Man Reboot (just call it Spider-Man Reborn and be done with it), Anton Yelchin's name has popped up for the role of Harry Osborn with the word "rumor" tagged next to his name. Those paying attention will remember that Yelchin was one of the final candidates for the title role before Andrew Garfield was officially named the new webhead.

What's strange is that this kind of move isn't all that rare. Just a few months ago, Sebastian Stan, who was one of the front-runners for Captain America, lost out to Chris Evans, only to accept the role of Bucky Barnes, Cap's sidekick. It should also be noted that IMDb is notorious for posting rumors regardless of validity (hence why the page for The Avengers lists Joss Whedon - who hasn't actually been confirmed yet - as director and Edward Norton - who we now know is officially out - as Bruce Banner). It's hard to imagine that Sony would make a Spider-Man movie without Harry Osborn, so that casting decision will probably be coming soon. Isn't there some big event going on in a few days?

Eric Eisenberg
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