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This Automatic Door Sounds Exactly Like R2-D2 Screaming

The force is strong with the large and in charge fandom dedicated to the epic space opera Star Wars. Spanning decades and generations, the fans have immortalized every nuance and moment from the franchise (except maybe some of the prequels). One of the most popular characters in Star Wars history is the adorable and endlessly helpful R2-D2. We’ve basically memorized every appearance R2 has ever had in the franchise. And although we can’t understand what he says, we adore the various noises and beeps that the droid makes to communicate. 

Perhaps the most popular R2-D2 noise of all time is the crazypants scream that he makes if something especially dangerous happens. Whether he’s being electrocuted, shot into the air from an X-Wing, or running away from danger, R2 is known to make an absolutely hilarious and ear-piercing screech. A pair of Star Wars super fans recently discovered that an automated door in their local hotel sounded exactly like R2’s scream. Check it out.

It’s pretty uncanny, right? While some WD-40 might fix this problem, I’m hoping that the management of this establishment decides to let R2-D2’s voice live on for as long as possible. Also, doesn’t WD-40 sounds like a potential droid name in the Star Wars universe?

While the above video is thoroughly enjoyable for Star Wars fans, there is a small pitch problem that stops the door from sounding exactly like our favorite droid. It could be just a bit higher in timbre to be almost identical to the real thing. Maybe a few more days of use will help to make it sound even more like that hilarious scream.

Speaking of which, now that you’ve heard the bootleg version of R2-D2, it’s high time that you got to see and hear the real thing. Here’s one of many moments where R2 screamed his robotic head off due to some danger.

This week has been a solid one for everyday Star Wars fans. Just a few days ago a facebook live video went viral which showed a fan using a Chewbacca mask. The mask makes her laugh uncontrollably, and is now the most watched video on facebook live ever. Because of this hugely popular free advertisement, the fan even got some free Star Wars swag for her and her family. 

For all things Star Wars, whether they be fan or film related, be sure to check back here at Cinema Blend. Our next opportunity to enter a galaxy far, far away is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on December 16th, 2016.

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

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