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The vibe outside the stage door for the current Broadway production of A Steady Rain must be something along the lines of a bachelorette party. Based on a video taken recently, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are apparently swamped by screaming women every time they step onto the sidewalk, shouting "You're beautiful!" and giggling madly with the knowledge that their verbal taunts are coming within earshot of James Bond and Wolverine.

At least one of the people hanging out there had the good sense to ask Craig about the third Bond film, and as you'll see at about the 55 second mark in the below clip, he responds that they'll be filming "at the end of next year." That leaves plenty of time for them to track down a director for the film and finish the screenplay, and even more time for Craig to shave off the mustache he's sporting for the new role.

Check out his response for yourself below, but prepare for squeals. (Thanks to for posting the video and Coming Soon for bringing it to our attention).

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