Of Course Tom Hiddleston Does A Perfect Impression of Chris Evans, Watch It Now

Is there anything Tom Hiddleston can’t do? This is not a rhetorical question, we’re actually curious. He can play a Marvel supervillain, a gothic monster, and then play Hank Williams just to show that he can. It turns out the reason he’s so good at playing such varied roles is because he’s naturally good at impressions. This could be great news for Marvel Studios because if Chris Evans ever decides to hang up his shield as Captain America, they can just hire Hiddleston to take over the part. We doubt anybody will ever notice. Click below to see Loki take on Captain America in a new and different way.

Tom Hiddleston was appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers when the topic of impressions came up. While they mainly discuss Robert De Niro, because you can’t talk about impressions without discussing De Niro, it’s Hiddleston’s impression of Chris Evans that he actually shows the audience. While we don’t know Chris Evans personally, he still won’t return our calls, he’s apparently a very physical person as the key to getting your Chris Evans impression right involves more arm movements than it does getting your voice right. In fact, the voice is of minimal importance, since you’ll only be speaking a couple of words at a time.

Of course, now we have to wonder if Chris Evans can do impressions, because his Tom Hiddleston would probably be awesome if he can pull it off. Now we’re envisioning an entire Avengers team up with the actors taking on different roles. Maybe Chris Hemsworth can try his hand at Robert Downey Jr. and Downey can play Thor. This is either the greatest idea ever or the worst. Either way, it will likely be entertaining.

It really should come as no surprise that Tom Hiddleston can handle impressions. If the Oxford educated Londoner can handle a spot on impression of an American country music singer from Alabama, there’s probably very little he can’t do.

It’s unknown at this point if Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans will be sharing the screen in the Marvel universe again. While Evans is prepared for Captain America: Civil War, Hiddleston is getting ready for Thor: Ragnarok which he has implied may be his last time playing Loki within the MCU.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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