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The Oscars aren't just about who won the top honors of the night, as they're also about celebrating the most interesting moments during the entire night. So leave it to the various followers and trend-setters on Instagram to show what's looks and moments are the popular with the folks home. But out of all of the posts that hit the social media giant, there were five that made the most impression throughout Oscar night.

Entertainment Weekly highlighted these five examples of Instagram prowess, and we're more than happy to show you who ruled the roost through Oscar night, starting with the following post from Chrissy Teigen's profile:

Chrissy Teigan showed off an absolutely stunning dress, alongside her husband, R&B superstar and Oscar winner John Legend. Legend and his collaborator Common both won the Oscar for Best Original Song at last year's 87th annual Academy Awards with "Glory," the song from Ava DuVernay's Best Picture nominee Selma, which meant that Legend would naturally present at last night's awards. Though Legend and Teigan weren't the only pair to make a splash on Instagram, as presenter Kevin Hart and his date shared the following photo:

With his second appearance as a presenter at the Academy Awards, Hart not only stood out with his all black getup, but he also made an important statement on the issues of diversity. Kevin Hart handled the subject in what he deemed as a positive light, while also stating that the issues of the past couple of years would eventually be seen as a relic of the past. Much like his outfit, Hart stood out as a class act. Speaking of class, this next post showcases Lady Gaga in a classic Hollywood pose on the red carpet:

#tillithappenstoyou @official.oscars

A photo posted by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

Up for a nomination as a collaborator on Diane Warren's song "'Til It Happens To You," from The Hunting Ground, Lady Gaga delivered a powerful performance of emotion and depth last night. Even more inspiring was the fact that numerous survivors of sexual assault joined Gaga on stage during her number, with inspirational slogans scrawled on their arms and their hands joined in solidarity. Inspiration was apparently abundant backstage at the 88th Academy Awards, as host Chris Rock and presenter Kevin Hart found themselves in a photo-op with yet another comedic notable: the somewhat elusive Dave Chappelle.

Chappelle must have been proud at Chris Rock's performance as the master of ceremonies for last night's 88th Annual Academy Awards, as he was not only funny but he was also extremely sharp with his topical humor. One could even assume that if Dave Chappelle would be offered a gig to host the Oscars, he would have hosted a show similar to Rock's performance last night. Though if Reginald Hudlin is looking to strike gold for hosting duties next year, he may want to consider hiring all three of these gentlemen for the night.

Which brings us to the most popular Instagram post of the night. In a sea of fashion and personal statements, both collided in the best way possible as Lady Gaga shared a post showing her and her fiance, Taylor Kinney, in a romantically poignant moment backstage.

With her own personal experience with sexual assault powering her performance at the Oscars, Lady Gaga took a moment to appreciate the relationship she has with her fiance, and it's honestly one of the best moments the night had to offer on Instagram. Throughout Oscar night, we saw the crowd laugh, cry, and think about the moment before them as Hollywood's biggest night of the year unfolded. This year's Oscars definitely took on more of a personal tone of reflection, and the moments you see on display here have resonated not only with the peers of the celebrities in them, but also the fans observing them. Now that this year's Oscars are in the record books, we can look forward to all of the magic moments the next year will bring, culminating in another magic night of awards glamour.
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