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When Hugh Jackman dropped the hammer that the untitled third Wolverine film would be his last appearance as the iconic character, the world of X-Men fans went nuts. While he loves the character dearly, the Australian actor feels that it's time to hang up the claws for good. But in true Wolverine fashion, he's not going to go out like a punk. Better still, he's asking his legion of fans to suggest what they want to see take place in Wolverine's final ride.

Taking to his official Twitter page, Jackman posted the above graphic teasing his final Wolverine project. While He’s looking for suggestions, he’s not looking for novels – as he stipulates that fans keep their suggestions to 50 words or less. For some fans, this could be daunting as all get out, but that doesn't mean the responses haven't been coming in droves. For instance, fan S.I. Rosenbaum suggested a more low-key approach to Logan's third round of antics with the following:

Fans weren't the only ones to get in on the action though, as celebrities and notables showed their visions of what Wolverine's last adventure should entail. WWE star Zack Ryder responded with some encouraging suggestion, which could only come from that time they fought together in the ring back in 2011.

Meanwhile, William Shatner got a bit cheeky with his suggestion, as he responded with the following:

However, Jeremy from Cinema Sins laid it all out on the table with the suggestion everyone already had on their minds:

While the "Old Man Logan" part of the equation might be a bit of a stretch, the R-rated piece might not be as far-fetched as one would think. With Deadpool helping Fox break the barrier between comic films and R-ratings once more, a financial success for the Ryan Reynolds action comedy could mean that Wolverine's third and final outing could take the R-rated turn Fox wish they could have taken theatrically with the unrated cut of The Wolverine.

The suggestions of fans, while not always in an official capacity, can definitely give those creatively involved all the inspiration they need. Had Thomas Jane gotten to make his second Punisher film, fan input would have been a massive help as he was consulting with the internet to pass through valid suggestions of every Punisher geek who stepped up to the plate. Knowing Hugh Jackman's amiable nature with his fans though, it would be no surprise to see one of these very suggestions making its way to the big screen.

Speaking of the big screen, you can see Jackman next in Joe Wright's Pan, which hits theaters on October 9th. Though if the rumors are true, we might also see him bust out the claws in the 1980's themed X-Men: Apocalypse when it debuts on May 27, 2016.

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