I've said it at least 3,000 times before and I'll probably say it at least another 3,000 times in the future: not every movie needs to be in 3D. While movies like Avatar and Tron Legacy work in the format, there's no reason why Baz Luhrmann should should be filming his adaptation of The Great Gatsby in the third dimension. Despite falling box office numbers, however, studios continue to put 3D where it doesn't belong. It turns out that may include the work of Claude-Michel Schönberg.

Hugh Jackman recently spoke with Collider and said that Tom Hooper's big screen version of Les Miserables could possibly be shot in 3D. "It’s in discussion," said Jackman. "Honestly, that’s probably gonna be part of what the tests are about, to see what that does." The Australian actor says that Hooper is going to consider how the technology works with character and emotion - the two things that Jackman says are the story's greatest strengths - and if it doesn't add anything they won't use it. "It is not like there are massive special effects in Les Mis, you know?" he added.

Also interesting, apparently the role wasn't actually offered to Jackman, rather he had to go through an audition process. About three months ago the performer had a 3-hour tryout that obviously ended with him getting the job. Production is scheduled to begin in March.

I can't speak for everyone, but I've never seen a film that has used 3D to affect emotions and characters; it's purely visual. With any luck Hooper will come to this same conclusion after he's run his tests.

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