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In 2007, Jason Bourne discovered his true identity, and seemingly escaped into the darkness after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum. Much like the secrets that hid his existence, Bourne – or should we say David Webb – was bound to eventually resurface. After 9 years, we're glad to say that Jason Bourne is back, and with a vengeance that you can feel for yourself in the first full trailer below.
No sooner had the clock struck Midnight when Universal had decided to release the new trailer promised for Jason Bourne on their YouTube channel. The two-and-a-half minute glimpse into our first story details for Jason Bourne / David Webb's fourth adventure in the franchise that bore his name was well worth the wait. A grizzled, yet still haunted David Webb is struggling without a mission to execute, and an enemy to match wits against. Jason Bourne sees Matt Damon once again taking up the mantle of Robert Ludlum's best-selling super spy, as he makes stops in Greece and Las Vegas in his latest adventure of puzzling self-discovery.

Not much is known about the story involved in Jason Bourne, the fifth Bourne title in the franchise, except for the fact that David / Jason is still plagued by his memories from the Treadstone program he was once a part of. The inciting incident seems to be a crucial data breach in the U.S. Government's databases, part of which involves a leak of information pertaining to the various top secret programs that the Bourne series has seen exposed throughout the course of Jason Bourne's adventures. All it takes is a visit from his former associate / girlfriend, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), and Bourne is brought into the game, as there are more details to his past that he still hasn't uncovered. More specifically, his voluntary participation in the Treadstone program seems to have hinged on an untruth that David Webb was told.

The best part about the Jason Bourne trailer is the fact that it looks so damned familiar, it could have been released back in 2012 – instead of the trailer we got for The Bourne Legacy, a film that almost derailed the franchise completely. While it's not sure how much of Jeremy Renner's adventure as Aaron Cross will be referenced in the latest Paul Greengrass installment of the franchise, it's certain that series new-comers Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander look like they're fitting in just fine. We especially like the look of Jones' supposed head honcho, as he taunts Bourne with the fact that he'll need to face his true self down in order to be able to move past his secret agent past.
While the pulse-pounding action of the Bourne franchise still lives in Jason Bourne, the ultimate story of a man trying to define both the person he believes he truly is, as well as the soldier that he was made to be, still remains. We'd expect nothing less from a reunion of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, and if the promise of this trailer holds up, Jason Bourne will be the sequel we've been waiting for since the last time we heard the familiar sounds of Moby's "Extreme Ways."

Jason Bourne is reactivated on July 29th.