Melissa McCarthy and Husband/Director Ben Falcone Are Teaming Up Again, Get The Details

Whether you know her from Gilmore Girls or Bridesmaids, it’s a pretty safe assumption that you know who Melissa McCarthy is. She’s exploded into popularity and whether you like her or not, you can’t escape her. Even though their latest collaboration, The Boss, just released in theaters this weekend, it appears that Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone have already gotten the green light for their next film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Newline has picked up the couple's latest film, Life of the Party. Melissa McCarthy is expected to star while Ben Falcone will direct off of a screenplay that the duo wrote together. This will be the third film from the husband and wife, the other two being Tammy and The Boss.

Mum's the word on the plot but it’s being described as "being akin in tone to the Rodney Dangerfield hit Back to School and pitched as a broad comedy playing on McCarthy's strengths."

So, a lot of hyper-confidence, swearing and pratfalls then. I like Melissa McCarthy and she seems like a very funny person, but she tends to play the same role over and over again. If you’ve seen her in The Heat, then you’ve seen her in The Boss. The best film she’s starred in the last few years is probably Spy and that’s because she played against type and gave a different performance (I’ll give you that she did end up cursing a lot, but she was missing the huge sexual confidence her characters usually have). Say what you want about the new Ghostbusters, but it looks like she’s giving a different performance in that as well. I won’t say that Life of the Party will turn out the same, but I hope that McCarthy takes a few more risks with this project. It might also be cool to see Ben Falcone in a larger role. You can argue he works best in a minor part, but he’s never really gotten to show his stuff as a major supporting character.


As The Hollywood Reporter goes on to say, Melissa McCarthy’s movies do very well in the box office and they are made with a small budget. She’s little risk, big reward for a studio so it makes sense this latest film was bought so quickly.

You can next see Melissa McCarthy in The Ghostbusters reboot, which hits theaters this summer, July 15 2016.

Matt Wood

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