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Michael Shannon's Role In Seth Rogen's Christmas Comedy Sounds Awesome

Michael Shannon’s name won’t ever be the first one that comes up when people think of comedy. He’s usually associated with his intense, Method performances that stole scenes in movies like Revolutionary Road or Mud. He also dominated the screen in gripping dramas such as Take Shelter, The Iceman and 99 Homes. But we’re going to see a funnier side of him later this year, as the actor confirmed to me his part in Seth Rogen’s The Night Before. He even told me what he’s playing.

Shannon hopped on the phone earlier this week to discuss his outstanding turn as a real-estate mogul in 99 Homes. In preparation for our talk, I noticed on his IMDB page that he would appear in The Night Before, Jonathan Levine’s comedy about three friends celebrating with a string of holiday parties. Shannon told me, exclusively:

I had fun doing that. That was fun. … I play their high school pot dealer. They seek me out to get pot for their holiday festivities. They throw a big party, a Christmas party. Yeah, so, yeah, Mr. Green, I think is his name.

Premium Rush reunion! At least, I’m guessing that it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who pulled some strings and got Michael Shannon’s name in front of Jonathan Levine for this drugs-and-debauchery-fueled holiday comedy. I didn’t spy Shannon anywhere in the full trailer. Did you?  

In fact, now that we’ve watched it again, it’s co-star Jillian Bell, playing Seth Rogen’s wife, who hooks him up with the good shit to start their adventure. Perhaps they need more? Perhaps Michael Shannon’s stash is just that amazing. We’ll find out more for sure when The Night Before opens in theaters on November 20.

As for Michael Shannon, he has a number of movies on his plate. You can still see him opposite Andrew Garfield in the real-estate morality tale, 99 Homes. He also stars opposite Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in the film-festival entrant Freeheld, which will be expanding to more theaters soon. Next year, however, DC Comics fans anticipate Shannon’s return as the deceased General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wait, but he died, right? How are they bringing him back? Well, I asked Shannon, and his answer can be found here. Look for Batman v Superman in theaters on March 25, 2016.   

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