The Oscar-Winning Musical Chris Evans Would Love To Remake

His work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has kept him insanely busy over the last few years, but Chris Evans hasn’t slowed down one bit. Sure, he makes a great Captain America, but he has ambitions outside of the superhero genre that even we could not have anticipated. What sorts of projects do superheroes pine for when not wearing their tights? As it turns out, Chris Evans has a dream project rooted firmly in the colorful world of Broadway, as he wants to be a part of a hypothetical West Side Story remake.


According to a new report from, Chris Evans recently attended a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, during which he admitted his immense desire to take part in a West Side Story revamp. His reasons for wanting to be a part of the project are actually kind of adorable, as Evans explained thusly:

They've always been flirting with the idea of doing a remake of West Side Story. I always thought that would be cool. I grew up watching that movie, liked it a lot. Some role in that would be cool.


So it seems that, despite becoming famous for action, superheroes, and big budget special effects, Chris Evans really wants to take part in a remake of West Side Story at some point in his career. He goes on to talk about how potential remake has long been discussed around Hollywood, and his own personal nostalgia has him incredibly intrigued by the prospect of taking part in such an endeavor. We’d be lying if we said that didn’t seem a little odd, considering his resume, but Evans has all too often proven himself as one of the most capable actors working today. Perhaps everyone's favorite Star Spangled Man could totally pull off the role of a song and dance man.


It’s not too difficult to imagine Chris Evans stepping into a project like West Side Story. He already has become a worldwide phenomenon by portraying a kid from New York City during a long gone era from American history. Also, his character work for pre-Project Rebirth Steve Rogers could easily translate over to a character from West Side Story, as Steve was just a kid from Brooklyn, ready to scrap and fight at a moments notice. So now that Chris Evans has made this suggestion, it’s becoming much easier to imagine him in this sort of role. Just take a look at the iconic "Jet Song," from the original West Side Story; it would be a stark departure from Chris Evans’ usual roles, but most certainly a welcome one:

Be honest, he totally seems like a Jet, doesn't he? Of course, West Side Story wasn’t the only project that Chris Evans suggested doing outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although he appears much more passionate about doing a potential Broadway musical remake, he also posited the idea of him portraying Prince Eric in a live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid at some point. While it’s not an official project yet, we here at Cinema Blend would like to firmly express our support for a West Side Story remake featuring Chris Evans. As long as it doesn’t take away from his awesome tenure as Captain America, we think it could potentially bring us a new side of him that we’ve never seen before.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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