Pitch Perfect 3 Will Happen, One Star Already Signed On

A lot of franchises start planning a third entry before the second even screens in theaters, but there has to be something in the water at Universal that’s giving them a case of threepeat fever. Ted 3 is already a go, and now we’ve heard that Pitch Perfect 3 is apparently on the way, and at least one of the stars has already signed up for more singing.

Amy Kaufman at The L.A. Times tweeted that she was told by none other than Rebel Wilson herself that Pitch Perfect 3 is happening, and she’s ready to come back as everyone’s favorite awkward diva, Fat Amy.

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As an indication of how advanced this report is, Wilson mentioned the fact that while the threequel is happening, series star Anna Kendrick is an unknown quantity for the next installment. Considering how the key members of The Barden Bellas are set to graduate in this summer’s sequel, bringing back Kendrick, or even Wilson for that matter, is going to require some creative thinking.

Whatever ends up happening, having Rebel Wilson signed on at this early of a stage indicates that not only could Anna Kendrick be looking to move on from the Bellas, but Wilson’s runaway scene stealer could be the link between the past and future generations of Pitch Perfect casts. In other words, Wilson could become the Eugene Levy to the Pitch Perfect franchise. Hopefully without all of the subpar direct to video sequels. What could be interesting is having Fat Amy becoming a musical professional after she graduates, with her skills somehow being enlisted as a coach for the next round of Bellas. You could even write in a cameo from Beca, cheering about how she’s proud of Amy’s work as a leader, with a comedic beat to temper the emotion from getting too out of hand.

With the Fast And Furious franchise looking to wind down in the coming years, Universal is obviously going to need some money makers in the queue to pick up the slack and keep them in the game. Their shared universe monster pictures are a possible option, but after Dracula Untold’s meh-tacular box office presence, they’re obviously going to want something in place as a back up – hence the rumors that Ted and Pitch Perfect are up for renewal. You can’t blame the suits for wanting more, especially when you’ve got Rebel Wilson ready and willing to keep the ship on course for musical comedy hijinx.

Pitch Perfect 2 says its goodbyes, for now, on May 15.

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