Wait, Ted 3 Is Happening? Here's The Latest

Seth MacFarlane's Ted franchise looks like it's ready to take off, especially after the recent copyright infringement lawsuit against the production was dismissed. While Ted 2 is scheduled to take a bow on June 26th, the bear looks like he might have at least one more round of fun to bestow upon the world. At least, that's if the remarks from Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones, carry any weight.

While discussing an upcoming documentary on his life, Jones told ComicBook.com that in addition to the upcoming Ted 2 being on his plate, he's supposedly already signed on for Ted 3. Yes, you heard the man right, there's allegedly another Ted film in the works, even though the second film hasn't had the chance to drop in theaters nationwide. This isn't an alien concept. Studios often start planning a sequel before a new film has even been released. However, nothing's set in stone. Just ask Warner Bros. how the sequel to Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern is coming along.

If you're questioning how valid the Ted 3 news is, look at the source that's putting it out into the world. While Sam Jones and Flash Gordon are definitely a big part of the Ted franchise's success, he's not Seth MacFarlane. Considering all efforts currently are focused on making Ted 2 one of the biggest hits of 2015, one would think there's no time to really flesh the story for a sequel out enough to the point where cast members would be signing on. At best, Sam Jones could be signed onto a contract with an option for Ted 3, and whatever advanced talk Jones has heard about the next possible entry has probably influenced him to think it's a go.

Although, it wouldn't be surprising if Universal and Seth MacFarlane were to confirm that Ted 3 is indeed a done deal. The success of Ted was great enough, and the writer/director/performer triple threat has enjoyed a rewarding enough relationship with the studio. Heck, the studio entertained the idea of Ted 2 after the box office corpse that was A Million Ways To Die In The West. That's saying something.

Ted 2 seems set up for an easy opening-weekend slam dunk, considering its status as the only major film opening on June 26. So who can really blame Sam Jones and Universal Studios for being excited at a third chance to bring Ted into everyone's homes? Ted 2 will hit theaters in June, and if all goes well, we could possibly see another Ted film as early as next summer. Provided, of course, that Jones' remarks about the planning department for Ted 3 turn out to be true.

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