If The Princess Diaries 3 Really Happens, These 5 People Need To Return

After almost a 12 year gap, there's talk about town that The Princess Diaries 3 might actually happen. Considering the fact that the literary source material has 11 installments, the latest of which is geared towards a more mature audience, there's plenty of material to be mined if Garry Marshall's latest comments in People end up panning out. Though if Marshall and Anne Hathaway's wishes to make a third installment come true, there's five stars from the previous two installments that need to return.


Anne Hathaway

Obviously, The Princess Diaries 3 wouldn't be anything without its crown princess, Anne Hathaway. Though Garry Marshall mentions that Anne Hathaway's current pregnancy causes a slight delay in actually bringing the project to the forefront, both parties seem engaged in making it happen. And with a chance to tell the story of a more grown-up Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldi, the third entry in the series could serve as a fitting conclusion to the saga that helped make Hathaway such a big deal.


Heather Matarazzo

If Princess Mia is returning, then she'll surely need the advice of her dear best friend, Lilly Moscovitz. Played in the original two Princess Diaries films by Heather Matarazzo, a reunion of Lilly and Mia wouldn't be complete without bringing her back into the legendary duo that fans of the previous films have come to know and love. Though her experience in last year's Sisters may prepare her for any sort of jump in tone the humor of the franchise may take.


Chris Pine

After The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement introduced a legitimate love interest for Princess Mia in the way of Lord Nicholas Devereaux, a new door seemed to have opened in terms of Mia's story. With their romance culminating with a dramatic kiss, and little else, fans will more than likely want to see how things have progressed between the royal couple. So naturally, Star Trek actor, and friend of Garry Marshall's, Chris Pine, is another previous co-star that needs to come back for round 3. Even if we have to settle for a simple cameo where Pine smiles, and makes it known that he and Mia have been together since the last flick, we'd be happy to gain that sweet closure.


Hector Elizondo

Speaking of friendly Garry Marshall collaborators, how could Genovia run without the help of the man simply known as "Joe?" Such a simple name wouldn't suggest the weight of Joe's true power in the kingdom, but when the kingdom of Genovia really needs it, he's the fierce protector that the royals truly need. Played by Marshall mainstay Hector Elizondo, we couldn't think of anyone who could replace his calm, yet stern, demeanor among his co-stars. Of course, with Joe returning, there's one crucial cast member that needs to return to complete the set.


Julie Andrews

We've got the princess, we've got her prince and her best friend, and we've even got a trusted royal adviser. So, of course, Genovia's previous queen, and Mia's grandmother, Queen Clarisse, is a much needed piece to The Princess Diaries 3's puzzle. Obviously casting anyone other than the legendary Julie Andrews in the role of Queen Clarisse would be high treason against the kingdom, and franchise fans everywhere, so if there's no Julie Andrews then The Princess Diaries 3 is going to be a tough sell indeed.

Did we forget anyone? Mention any Princess Diaries co-stars you'd like to see return in the comments below, and don't forget to get creative!

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