After releasing a teaser trailer that made it look surprisingly appealing, Disney has further upped the ante with the first full trailer for Real Steel. Yes it's full of a lot of boxing cliches, a lot of father-son cliches and any other kind of cliche you can imagine, and yes Hugh Jackman's rough and tumble accent is a little iffy, but the basic appeal of watching robots box has never seemed more certain. You can check out the trailer below or in HD at Yahoo!.

It's possible I'm just a sucker for father-son sports stories-- Field of Dreams viewed at a young age tends to have that affect-- but I'm not at all bothered by the fact that I can tell exactly where the movie is going, or that Evangeline Lilly, a.k.a Kate from Lost, seems to be shoved to the sides of a film that already doesn't seem all that interested in a romance subplot. But after being worn down by the Transformers movies, I'm excited about the idea of seeing CGI robots duke it out in a good old-fashioned boxing ring, with Hugh Jackman-- an actor you and I both know we'll watch in anything-- cheering on from the sidelines.

Real Steel hits theaters on November 18, and bear in mind there's already a sequel in the works. I for one welcome our new boxing robot overlords.

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