Will Rogue One Feature Classic Star Wars Characters? Here's What We Know

We’re currently in a bit of a renaissance in regards to the Star Wars franchise. After J.J. Abrams successfully delivered an awesome new addition with The Force Awakens, it was announced that Disney is planning on releasing a new Star Wars film every year. In addition to the new chapters of the third trilogy, there will also be standalone movies which explore individual untold stories that are in the canon. The first of these adventures is the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will tell the story of a rebel group attempting to steal the plans to The Death Star. 

Because the film will be set shortly before the events of A New Hope, fans have been speculating at whether or not certain characters from the original trilogy will be making appearances. Luckily for us, actor Mads Mikkelsen has been getting a bit chatty lately, and spilled the beans on this possibility. 

Some of them – but I would reveal too much. There are iconic characters in our film and also characters you have never heard of. It’s a mix.

This statement, which comes to us from Evening Standard seems to be a pretty concrete answer. We’re definitely going to get classic Star Wars characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

This is just the latest in a series of seemingly unfortunate interviews where actor Mads Mikkelsen has been revealing secrets regarding Rogue One. He recently let slip that he was playing the father of Felicity Jones’ character Jyn Erso. And now he’s confirmed that some of our favorite characters will be making appearances as well. Considering how well everyone involved in The Force Awakens kept the plot secret, Disney must be fuming over how many leaks have occurred regarding the newest Star Wars entry. 

Now the question is: which classic characters will appear in Rogue One? The first one that comes to mind is obviously Darth Vader. Fans have been hoping and speculating that Vader would be showing up since Rogue One was announced. After all, he’s essentially the mascot of the entire franchise. And after the moody and disastrous version of the character from the prequel trilogy, the fandom is begging for a villainous and badass version of the character to return.

Other than Vader, it would be great to see a version of Grand Moff Tarkin appear in Rogue One. Of course, this would be a bit of a challenge technically, since actor Peter Cushing passed away in 1994. However, Rebel Leader Mon Mothma has been recast and will be appearing in Rogue One, so the solution could be as simple as that. Tarkin would be the most logical choice for a classic character. He’s an extremely high ranking Imperial Officer, and lived and died in The Death Star during A New Hope

What classic Star Wars character would you like to appear in Rogue One? Should Boba Fett somehow get into the fray? Sound off in the comments below.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story will fly into theater December 16th, 2016. 

Corey Chichizola
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