See Team Iron Man Face Off With The Enemy In 5 Captain America: Civil War Posters

Yesterday, we were introduced to all the members of Team Captain America, the Avengers who will unite behind the super soldier when the government decides to try and get everybody with powers to play ball. Today is #TeamIronMan day. Tony Stark has allies too, and now we get to take a closer look at each one.

At first glance, Team Iron Man looks to be in trouble. Team Cap has six people on it, while Team Iron Man appears to have only five. This could put them at a distinct disadvantage. Unless, of course, there’s one poster they’re not showing us yet. Of another hero who tends to like to wear red and blue. Maybe somebody who might join with Tony Stark’s team that supports government oversight because he was once taught that with great power comes great responsibility? Just a thought.

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Iron Man

From the trailers, we learn that Tony Stark believes that the thing that separates him from the bad guys is a willingness to accept limits. He probably also feels like he may have overstepped his boundaries with that whole Ultron thing. Regardless, Iron Man believes that the limitations being placed by the Sokovia Accords are not asking too much. He’s more than a little angry with his old friend Steve Rogers for not seeing things this way.

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Black Panther

From everything that we’ve heard, Black Panther isn’t so much on Team Iron Man as he is using it for his own purposes. T’Challa has a score to settle with The Winter Soldier, and since Captain America is protecting him, that means they’re on opposing sides. Exactly why Black Panther is after Bucky is not entirely clear, nor are his exact plans if he ever actually catches him. We're looking forward to meeting this new character.

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War Machine

In the same way that Captain America has Falcon, Iron Man has War Machine. James Rhodes and Tony Stark have been through everything together, including the recasting of Rhodes. It makes sense for "Rhodey" to be on the side of the government, he was in the Air Force when we first met the character and Rhodes has always trusted the law, even when Iron Man himself was dubious. We hope things turn out better for War Machine than they appear in the trailer.

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Black Widow

As a professional spy, Black Widow isn’t necessarily used to picking sides. While Scarlett Johansson has made comments that her character doesn’t necessarily pick a side in Captain America: Civil War, to whatever extent she does, she’ll be aligned with Iron Man. This will put her at odds with two of her closest friends, as Hawkeye will chose to go with Captain America. We can only imagine how they will all react when they meet on the battlefield.

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Of everybody on Team Iron Man, Vision is probably the most mysterious. As he was a late addition to Avengers: Age of Ultron, we’ve spent less time with him than any other character that we’ve seen before. We don’t really know how he thinks. Maybe, since much of his makeup comes from Tony Stark’s Jarvis program, he feels a natural inclination to work with Iron Man. However, his true motivations are entirely unknown.

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