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Everybody was shocked when it was recently announced that the Will Smith-led drama Collateral Beauty would be released alongside the next Star Wars film, Rogue One on December 17 of this year. While the slot would appear to be certain death for any film’s box office chances, it appears that the film might have a secret weapon: one of the most most star-studded casts in recent memory. The movie was already a who’s who of Hollywood, but now the list of stars is getting even longer.

In addition to the two-time Academy Award nominee Will Smith in the lead role, playing a man who enters a debilitating depression following a personal tragedy, the movie also includes a number of other A-list stars. Academy Award winner Helen Mirren and multi-time nominee Ed Norton are already on board, as are Michael Pena, who had a great 2016 with Ant-Man and The Martian, and Naomie Harris, who has turned heads with her role as Moneypenny in the most recent James Bond films. While it looked like Rachel McAdams would be joining the cast as well, The Hollywood Reporter now says that’s not the case. However, there are two new additions to the cast, both leading lady caliber actresses who only make this slate look more impressive.

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Kate Winslet, fresh off her Golden Globe win and sitting on an Oscar nomination for her role in last year’s Steve Jobs, is now in talks to join the film’s cast. She’ll next be seen in the police drama Triple 9 alongside Woody Harrelson and Teresa Palmer. We would guess that Winslet is probably looking at whatever role was originally being considered for Rachel McAdams.

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Keira Knightley, meanwhile, has been off the screen for a while due to the birth of a child last May, however, her role in 2014’s The Imitation Game was one of her most critical successes to date. This looks like a perfect place for the two-time Academy Award nominee to get back to making movies.

Collateral Beauty is being described as an "unconventional drama" and while we’re not exactly sure what that means, we’re certainly intrigued by the film’s description, as well as its cast. When you’ve got a cast this strong, maybe it will be enough to overcome the power of The Force.