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Top 5 Nude Scenes Of 2015, According To Mr. Skin

With awards season starting to heat up, folks are lining up their picks for the top films and performances of the year. One such list is Mr. Skin's annual rundown of the top female nude scenes, and it has officially been revealed for all of the world to see.

The annual list mixes both TV and Film performances, with an interesting mix of personalities that you may or may not expect to see on a list like this. So who topped Mr. Skin's film rankings this year? Wait no further, as Uproxx has revealed the following five women have taken top honors:


5. Sarah Silverman - I Smile Back

Out of any of the winners on Mr. Skin's list of 2015's best nude scenes, we'd fully expect Sarah Silverman to demand an actual trophy for her disrobing in I Smile Back. With just the right amount of fanfare, it's easy to picture Silverman accepting her trophy and using her usual brand of outspoken humor to make light of, if not completely destroy, the honor she's been awarded. Either way, it'd be more fun than half of the awards shows we see on TV these days.


4. Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina

Alicia Vikander's nude scene from Ex Machina is the one we would qualify as our personal favorite from the list. The reason being that it's a moment of more than symbolizing a typical splash of sexual tension between man and machine. Rather, Vikander's transformation from a robotic form to a nude appearance is something that's eerily beautiful when it unfolds in the context of the film. Her natural beauty is only offset by the fact that we're seeing a character we've bought as fit to be labeled human making her transformation complete.


3. Klara Kristin and Aomi Muyock - Love

This year's rankings are full of surprises, particularly with a film as explicit as Gaspar Noe's 3D paean to the complications of threesomes being beaten by any other film this year. Yet Love somehow found itself in third place, despite all it literally threw at its audiences. Still, merely to be nominated is a thrill, and thrill Noe's film has indeed done with his two female leads. Leave it to the art house scene to make a splash when it comes to the nude form.


2. Madalina Diana Ghenea – Youth

In the midst of Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel's journey of discovery in Paolo Sorrentino's Youth, one particular scene at a Swiss spa captivated the hearts and minds of the folks at Mr. Skin. That scene belonged to model Madalina Diana Ghenea, and her nude portion of that very scene which saw her bathe in front of the Academy Award nominees. Considering the fact that she was playing the film's version of Miss Universe, her presence on the list proves that she's earned the title.


1. Dakota Johnson - Fifty Shades of Grey

Surprisingly, out of all of the films on this list, Fifty Shades Of Grey has somehow topped the list of the year in naked pictures. That's not a comment on Dakota Johnson's performance or physique, but rather a comment on Mr. Skin's usual reputation for being more of a salacious outfit. On the same list that named Love as one of its best picks, one would have thought that a riding crop would have been beaten out by the stereotypical male fantasy of two ladies at the same time. Still, Fifty Shades Of Grey took the crown, which means they're going to have to try harder with Fifty Shades Darker.

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