Watching this screaming supercut courtesy of Vulture, it’s that if Wolverine has a catchphrase it would be: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!” Leave it to Academy Award nominee/Broadway star/action hero Hugh Jackman to find so many emotional levels to play with that line again and again and again over the course of five X-Men films, not counting X-Men: First Class where he instead delivered one line. (Still it was solid.) And a tip of the hat goes to the brilliant transition to Jackman bringing his animalistic yells into the highbrow movie version of Les Miserables.

The Wolverine is coming, and in it Jackman plays the part of the tormented Logan one more time. At a recent press conference in New York, Jackman revealed what it was like reprising what might be his most iconic role, saying:
“This is my sixth time playing this part—I approached this role differently each time. You can't help it as an actor. You change as a person. You change in your interpretation of a role. There is something however that is essentially the same. As an actor, you are looking for the truth of a character. You are looking to get inside the character, to understand them—even if they have claws and really weird hair and ridiculous muttonchops. Your job is to get inside them and tell the story from as truthful a place as possible.”

For Jackman, who was very involved in this X-Men spin-off’s development, this Wolverine movie was a real departure from those that came before. Sure, there’s plenty of action, but at its core The Wolverine is about an internal struggle. He explained:
“Maybe just being a little older, I think the script—as you can see by the title—we're focusing on this character. We're focusing on his journey. It's a more intimate more interior story. We're not wall-to-wall mutants and people flying around and lasers coming out of peoples' eyes, etc. This is a real true character story. Having someone like Jim (Mangold) on board (to direct) not only to do the action but with this unbelievable creativity and I think make it original but also to make it a true drama. And also to see that sort of human side and the vulnerabilities of Wolverine—all of these things have made it in a way more challenging, and more satisfying, and more fun to play. And I'm really thrilled from the writers to the studio got on board with that idea. The movie we wanted to make I think we made. “

And clearly the public is pumped for the films arrival. As proof, consider this clever bit of street art inspired by the hero’s adamantium claws:

Image via Buzzfeed.

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