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Watch Paul Bettany Become The Vision In New Avengers Video

Ever wanted to have your own Vision costume that was exactly like Paul Bettany’s in Avengers: Age Of Ultron? Of course you do, because it’s cool as funk. Well, a brand spanking new video to promote the upcoming release of Age Of Ultron on DVD has shown just how much rigmarole went into the actor becoming the Vision, and it will almost certainly have you rethinking your Halloween costume.

I’m going to put it out there: I love Paul Bettany. He just looks as though he’s one extremely positive and happy soul who is grateful everyday that he is a successful actor. Plus, it also probably helps that he’s married to the astonishingly talented and downright gorgeous Jennifer Connolly.

However, one point in time when Paul Bettany wasn’t that pleased with the world was when he realised the complicated process that he’d have to undergo in order to become The Vision. At first, Bettany didn’t realise that was going to be the case, though, and after originally being shown the concept art for his costume, he admitted to Joss Whedon that he was very impressed.

But then Bettany had to go through a daily excursion to get into his suit. This included having a rubber balaclava draped over his head and then glued to his skin. Then, over the next hour and a half, he had to sit still as the make up team added all the minute details that finally turned him into The Vision. Once inside the costume, Bettany couldn’t actually hear anything and he had to have a cooling system in place, which ran tubes filled with cold water around his body in order to keep his temperature down.

While Bettany has every right to moan about the daily trauma he had to undergo in order to become his very own superhero, there are two reasons why he should probably stop his complaining: 1) I can only assume he was paid very, very handsomely to do so, and 2) Since he only had to use his voice rather than any physical excursions to star as JARVIS throughout his previous exploits in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he really needed to step up and pay his dues in order to become a bona-fide member of the Avengers team.

Which is what Bettany well and truly is now. In fact, he’ll return to the fold as The Vision in Captain America: Civil War, where it was yesterday revealed that he’ll be on the side of Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, and War Machine. For those of you that don’t have its release date scrawled on your eyelids, Captain America: Civil War will finally be with us on May 6, 2016. And it promises to be a doozy.