The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Box
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 starts off with a cutesy chase scene and follows with a romantic interest fans can root for. Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also offers an array of villains and movie tropes we’ve seen before, cut together so that even a moment of tragedy for our hero isn’t very affecting.

It must be great to play Peter Parker. Even in Spider-Man’s most conflicting moments, Andrew Garfield seems to be having a whole lot of fun. His scenes—especially those shared with character Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone)—are full of verbal wit and a good-natured sense of love and respect. Like all versions of Spider-Man, this Peter Parker is still torn, torn by the life he lives as an average human and his duties toward New York City. When new villain Electro (Jamie Foxx) brings Oscorp back into the picture, Peter Parker must put everything he has on the line.

Director Marc Webb often gets the tone of the comic books right. Regardless, 10 years ago, so did Sam Raimi. With many of the same characters involved and much of the same sorts of plots on the table, it doesn’t really matter how great Garfield is or how interesting the graphics are. It doesn’t even matter how lovely the romantic plotline is. Instead, it feels like a rehash of the same story we’ve seen time and time again. It’s a shame that doing Spider-Man too faithfully is a detriment this time around. While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not un-enjoyable, it certainly isn’t fresh.

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Best Special Feature: Some of the bonus features with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are as stylized as the movie itself. The "The Wages of Heroism: Making The Amazing Spider-Man 2" segment is a multi-part behind-the-scenes look at the movie. We get to check out the feelings of the cast and crew regarding the movie’s story, flair and characters, and why certain people got on board for different ideas. New York City is also explored in-depth, as are the different sets used in the city. If you are looking for interesting information related to the making of the movie, this segment is it.

Other Extras:
Audio Commentary with Filmmakers
Deleted & Alternate Scenes
"The Music of Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Director Marc Webb"
Alicia Keys – "It’s On Again" Music Video
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