What Are The Chances Of Community Getting Its Own Movie?

Fans of the television show Community have spent years fighting for the show with the battle cry "Six Seasons and a Movie." Now, however, the six seasons are over, and those same fans have been left wondering whether or not a movie will ever actually happen. The reality is that the future is still a mystery, but a new report indicates that there is actual hope for a feature-length film about the wonderful/bonkers students at Greendale Community College.

It was just a few hours ago that Community star Joel McHale declared that the show has come to a conclusion - mostly due to the fact that the stars' contracts have expired and renegotiation would be too expensive - but Deadline is keeping hope alive that a Community movie could eventually become a thing. According to their sources, Yahoo! and Sony are both continuing to explore potential future opportunities for the beloved series - and should a next chapter be made, the idea would be to make a film.

Of course, the idea of "when" is a big question, and the new report suggests that it will probably be a while before we see any big moves towards a Community movie. This is partially because series creator/showrunner Dan Harmon is currently working on other projects (including the brilliant Adult Swim show Rick and Morty), and would need time away from those deals to develop a proper idea for the feature. This probably isn't a bad thing when you consider that most of the cast has already started working on other things, and could use some distance from Community before a triumphant return to Greendale.

As a super fan of Community, I'm actually quite fine with waiting for Dan Harmon to find the perfect idea for the film - even if it means being without some of the best TV characters of all time for a little while. The Season 6 finale made a very clear point about really knowing where to end things and moving on, which speaks greatly to the efforts done to keep the show alive over the years, and while there was definitely a sense of finality to it, the last episode also did a great job keeping the door open for the future. At some point in the next few years, Harmon will surely be struck with a great idea for the next chapter, and then hopefully he'll be able to get some money to make it a reality.

Are you in favor of Community's next step being a movie, or would you rather see a new season at some point down the line? If you vote movie, what do you think it should be about? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Eric Eisenberg
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