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Wolverine 2 Plans And Hugh Jackman In X-Men: First Class!

Hugh Jackman has already talked about his willingness to keep playing the character of Wolverine as long as fans want him, but until now there’s been no talk of actually turning his upcoming Wolvy solo movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine into a full-fledged, Wolverine based franchise. Tonight though I talked a bit with one of Cinema Blend’s most reliable, proven scoopers who had tons of information for us on what Fox may be planning for Wolverine’s future.

According to our source, Fox isn’t waiting around to see how the solo movie performs. They’re already in talks to make multiple Wolverine sequels happen, and they’re tossing around story ideas for the almost inevitable Wolverine 2. Word is that the character they’re hoping to use as the villain of Wolverine 2 is someone named Cyber. In the X-Men universe, he’s sort of like Wolverine’s equal and opposite. Like Wolverine he’s Canadian and possesses most of the same powers as Wolverine. He has an Adamantium skin, claws, mutant healing ability, and so on. The villain of the first movie, Liev Schreiber, may also be back for the sequel as Sabretooth; but if they’re bringing in Cyber then he obviously won’t be the only villain.

But wait, there’s more! Two weeks ago Fox announced they’d be launching a new X-Men related movie franchise based on Mutant students and Professor Xavier’s school. They’re calling it X-Men: First Class and it will push a fresh group of young mutant characters. To get them off on the right foot, our source says Fox plans to have Hugh Jackman show up in the film with some sort of Wolverine cameo. Makes sense. Hugh seems willing to play Wolverine wherever and whenever anyone wants him, and if you’re Fox what better way to launch a new mutant franchise then with the help of your most popular mutant X-Men character.

It’s still very early and things can change, but this comes from an inside source who has already given us tons of proven information. It’s a safe bet that at the least, this is the direction Fox is headed with the franchise. We’ll let you more as it develops.