It’s official: Hugh Jackman’s time as Wolverine is nearly over. After the actor teased over the weekend that he would be putting on the claws one last time, director James Mangold confirmed that the tentatively-titled Wolverine 3 will wrap up Jackman’s tenure as the mutant. While there is still a slim chance that Wolverine could cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse, the 2017 film will the final time we see him in full-action. Jackman has played the role since 2000 and brought the character to new heights of popularity, but we knew this was going to have to end eventually. Remember, this is a mutant who barely ages, whereas Jackman is susceptible to time’s cruel effects like the rest of us.

Other than Jackman being joined by his longtime costar Patrick Stewart, the only thing we know about Wolverine 3 is that it will be based off a preexisting comic story. Given that it’s set to be the last Wolverine movie (for now), it’s important that for Wolverine’s last adventure, Jackman, Mangold and the rest of the production choose an epic story to entice fans and general moviegoers. Fortunately, Wolverine has had plenty of adventures over the years to choose from, from large-scale battles to smaller, intimate narratives. Here are the five stories we’ve picked as possibilities for Wolverine 3 to adapt as a fitting conclusion to Jackman’s run.

Fatal Attractions
5. Fatal Attractions
Wolverine has been put through the ringer many times, but Fatal Attractions featured one of his most devastating injuries. The story followed the X-Men attempting to stop Magneto and his Acolytes from wiping out humanity. During the climactic fight, Magneto tears the adamantium coating Wolverine’s skeleton off, nearly killing him. As it the nature of comic books, the status quo eventually reverted to normal and Wolverine got his adamantium back, but seeing something like this happen in a movie would be quite a sight. The closest Wolverine has come to losing his adamantium in the movies is when his claws were hacked off in The Wolverine, though the bone claws soon grew back. So far, Ian McKellen is only slated to reprise Magneto in X-Men: Apocalypse, but if Wolverine 3 decides to recruit him, this would not only be an excellent way to use him one last time as a villain, but to see him inflict unimaginable pain on one of his greatest mutant nemeses. Chronologically, Wolverine started off without the metal, so why not rip it off him for his final appearance?

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