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Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may be mostly for the boys, but don’t forget about Wonder Woman. The Amazonian warrior is making her debut in the Man of Steel follow-up, as played by Fast and Furious 6’s Gal Gadot. Thanks to the teaser trailer, some images and a handful of posters, we received solid looks at the Dark Knight and defender of Metropolis, but new promo images have landed online to give us our best look yet at Diana Prince.

RT! #AskElMayimbe #HOT #WonderWoman #promo #art featuring her gauntlets pose! BOOM! Good night folks!

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Umberto Gonzalez, aka El Mayimbe, has been dropping promo art images left and right on his Instagram feed on everything from Captain America: Civil War to the new Batwing to the heroes themselves. Now it’s time for Wonder Woman to shine.

We’ve already seen an official still of Gal Gadot suited up in her armor, complete with sword and glistening tiara amid an apocalyptic backdrop, but these new promo images reveal some new appendages. She’ll also be wielding a shield and her signature lasso, as well as a hefty cape. Out of all the heroes, Wonder Woman’s costume looks like she’s going to need something to keep her warm. Plus, she can’t be the only member of the Holy Trinity to not have a cape, even though Edna Mold told us all "No capes!" As we also saw in the official image of Wonder Woman, her bullet-deflecting bracelets have been extended to nearly touching her elbows, as opposed to the slivers of metal with which she’s classically depicted.

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It’s unclear just how big or small of a role Wonder Woman will play in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, considering it is mostly about Bruce Wayne and Kal-El. After the events of Man of Steel, Superman will fall under harsh scrutiny by his critics, who debate whether he’s humanity’s savior or a corrupt alien tyrant drunk on his power. We know what side Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will be arguing, and by the looks of Batfleck’s face in the teaser trailer, he’ll be thinking the same thing. We have seen leaked photos from the set showing Gadot in a blue dress, though we’re assuming she’ll be donning her fighting attire at some point.
In addition to Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman will also feature an appearance from Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, while Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg are not confirmed by are expected to appear in a small capacity. The film is subtitled Dawn of Justice, after all, meaning this film will be setting up the events to come with the two-part Justice League movie and all the solo films Warner Bros. will make in between.

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