Is it weird that I'm fascinated by how old that phone looks? That's probably irrelevant. In fact, it's positively off-topic by comparison to the news we have to share with you. As you may have surmised by the above video, though it's a lot more subtle than Marino's Party Down co-star Ryan Hansen's announcement video, Ken Marino is on board for the Veronica Mars movie! This is cause to celebrate for those of us who had Vinnie Van Lowe high on our list of characters we wanted to see reprised in the Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie.

Series creator Rob Thomas made the announcement on Kickstarter last night, confirming that Marino is on board to return for the movie. If you've seen the series, you know that Marino's character Vinnie Van Lowe was a competing private detective in Neptune. Unlike Keith Mars, who was normally pretty morally upstanding in his work, Vinnie was a bit of a sleaze when it came to the lengths he was willing to go to to get a paycheck. With that said, he wasn't really a bad guy, and he provided a lot of great comedic moments in the series, thanks in large part to Ken Marino owning the role.

Here's one of Vinnie's earliest and best moments. Veronica tried to bug his office to see if he knew something about someone stalking and antagonizing one of her clients. Alas, Vinnie was on to Veronica, and he made a big show of calling her out…

Speaking of Party Down cast members, Thomas also posted that Martin Starr is set to appear in the film. Starr sort of let that cat out of the bag when he posted a photo of himself and confirmed cast member Krysten Ritter on Instagram, but Thomas confirmed that Starr is joining the film. And unlike just about everyone else who's been confirmed for the movie, Starr is not an original cast member. Not even a one or two-episode player like Sam Huntington or Christine Lakin.

Thomas credits Kristen Bell's sort-of-endorsement of Martin Starr for his choice to cast him in the movie, and here's the video proof…

Starr may not have ever appeared in Veronica Mars, but he's actually a great choice for the movie. Between his sense of humor, his attachment to another gone-way-too-soon series (RIP Freaks and Geeks) and his connection to Thomas' post-Mars TV comedy Party Down, Starr seems like a natural fit for the Mars universe.

Kristen Bell, please do an endorsement video for Lizzy Caplan.

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