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Transformers 5 Added A Guardians Of The Galaxy Actor

Transformers: The Last Knight has been adding to its cast at a steady rate over the last few weeks and while we thought they might be about done, it turns out we were wrong. There's been yet another addition to the cast. While the name Laura Haddock might not be one that you immediately recognize, the actress has been building a resume of some major TV and movie projects in recent years. You're most likely to recognize her as the mother of young Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, but you'll see her next in the newest Transformers movie.

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First and foremost, you may not recognize Laura Haddock in her Twitter video, as she has all of her hair. Her biggest film role to date was in the part of Meredith Quill, the mother of Star-Lord Peter Quill, who died of cancer in the opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy. While not a major role, it was certainly an important one. While it's impossible to know what her role will be like in Transformers: The Last Knight, she does specifically say in the video that she will acting opposite Optimus Prime and Mark Wahlberg, which puts her in the company of both of the film's major stars. While it's still possible that she could be limited to one scene, as she was in Guardians, it would likely be a pretty significant scene.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While Laura Haddock sounds excited to be joining theTransformers team, she sounds significantly more excited to be working with a giant robot than she does Mark Wahlberg. We're not sure how big a fan the actress actually is of the 1980s, considering she wasn't born until 1985. By the time she was old enough to notice, Marky Mark wasn't even a thing anymore, though that's probably a good thing for all involved. The Transformers, as a brand, has aged significantly better than the rap career of Marky Mark. Wahlberg doesn't seem too upset at being slighted in favor of a CGI effect.

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In addition to the returning Mark Wahlberg and newcomer Laura Haddock, Transformers: The Last Knight will also see at least one returning human in Josh Duhamel, and one additional first timer with Isabela Moner. Also, there will be a dog.

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