See Wonder Woman And Suicide Squad's Amazing Costumes On Display At Comic-Con

One of the best parts of the current comic book movie craze is simply the costumes. Artists have spent decades designing all kinds of different outfits for some of the most iconic characters of all time, and there's a particular thrill about seeing those get-ups realistically recreated for live-action. That's very much true for the upcoming Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman movies being made by Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and we were lucky enough to get a close-up look today:

Wonder Woman

DC Comics has one of the biggest booths on the convention hall floor at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and while there are certain areas dedicated to action figures and video games, the bulk of the space is taken up by awesome costume displays -- like the one featuring Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman armor seen above. Featuring than just the titular character from director Patty Jenkins' 2017 movie, however, we also got to see what Connie Nielsen will be wearing as Queen Hippolyta:

Queen Hippolyta

And also Robin Wright as the bow-carrying Antiope:


And finally Chris Pine's costume as male lead Steve Trevor:

Steve Trevor

Head to the next page for an awesome lineup of Suicide Squad costumes!

Given that the movie is still a few months away from release, the Wonder Woman costumes were certainly the most exciting featured on the floor, but DC Comics also decided to show off some of the coolest styles that will be featured in David Ayer's Suicide Squad - arriving in theaters in just a few weeks. The biggest characters from the feature were all there, including the lovely Harley Quinn (who is being played by Margot Robbie):

Harley Quinn

And, naturally, you can't really have Harley without Jared Leto's Clown Prince Of Crime, The Joker:

The Joker

Filling out the rest of the display cases are Will Smith as Deadshot:


The ubiquitous Jai Courney as Boomerang:

Captain Boomerang

And Karen Fukuhara as Katana:


As far as DC Comics and Warner Bros. presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year goes, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow, the movie studio will be hosting its annual big presentation in Hall H, and we have big expectations in terms of footage and announcements. We'll be on the ground covering the whole thing, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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