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It seems like filming on Thor: Ragnarok just started down in Australia - mostly because it did - and yet one of the major stars of the film says he's already done with his part. There were two major Avengers who did not appear in the recent Captain America: Civil War. One was Thor and the other was the Incredible Hulk. Fans of these characters were assured this would be okay, as both would be major parts of the next Thor film. However, after only a couple of weeks of filming, Mark Ruffalo has now announced that he's done shooting the picture.

Mark Ruffalo made the announcement via Instagram with a picture of himself and director Taika Waititi. It seems like it's been a fairly short filming schedule for the actor, considering everything we know about the film implies that he and Chris Hemsworth are appearing as co-leads in Thor: Ragnarok. Of course, for Ruffalo the whole production process is a little different. The actor has sent out several short videos of himself on the set over the last few weeks. In every case we see him wearing a motion capture suit, or otherwise standing in a studio, not on a set or a location.

When Mark Ruffalo is playing the part of Bruce Banner, he's an actor like any other, but when he's the Hulk, he appears as a digital creation. We're sure that the actor had to spend a large portion of his time doing that motion capture work. The upside of that, is that there's no delay in moving between filming one scene and the next. As such, Ruffalo could have very easily gotten all of his sequences done fairly quickly.

However, for Mark Ruffalo to be completely done, this also means that he must have finished all of his scenes playing Bruce Banner as well. Since most of the other actors are, we assume, still working, it sounds like Banner won't be interacting with other characters nearly as much. It gives the distinct impression that Thor: Ragnarok will give us a lot of the Hulk, and not nearly as much of the man, the opposite of what we have seen in the Avengers movies.

Mark Ruffalo Thor Ragnarok

Alternatively, it's also possible that Hulk simply won't have as big a part in the movie as we thought. When thanking people for the filming experience in his post, Mark Ruffalo only name drops (acting wise) Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. There's no mention of Cate Blanchett or Jeff Goldblum or Karl Urban or anybody else that we know will be in the movie. Can we infer that these were the only two major players that he acted with during his time on set? While we have no idea how big the relative parts are for the numerous actors in the film, it certainly seems Ruffalo's interactions may have been limited.

What do you think all this means for the Incredible Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts.

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