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A Major Marvel Spoiler For Doctor Strange May Have Been Leaked By Dan Harmon

Doctor Strange

The following story contains what could be a MASSIVE SPOILER for Doctor Strange**. While this is still very much a rumor, if accurate, this is big.**

Many of us were surprised to learn that Dan Harmon, the mind behind Community has been involved in the production of Marvel's Doctor Strange. However, now that we know that, it looks like we may know quite a bit more about the movie. Harmon himself may have accidently dropped a major spoiler a month ago that nobody realized until now. We don't know how true this is, but it's got us super excited.

Ok, everybody on board? Fans have gone back and reviewed some information that Harmon revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and if it's legit, it implies that a new villain could be making an appearance in Doctor Strange, the ruler of the dark dimension, Dormammu.

Last week, the news broke that Marvel was bringing in Dan Harmon to write some sequences for Doctor Strange. The movie was going to go back to do reshoots, in what is a fairly common practice, even if it has been getting a lot of press recently. However, this news led fans to go digging, as it usually does, but this time, they appear to have found something. During Dan Harmon's appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, the writer actually opened up his computer desktop for all to see, the purpose was to tease the audience with the potential future of Community, however, it's now another document that appears to have people's attention, one that reads "Strange confronts Dormammu."


At this point, the only villain that we were expecting to appear in Doctor Strange was Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius. Chiwetel Ejiofor will be playing Mordo in the movie as well, but that character isn't being portrayed as a bad guy in the trailers. There has been no reference to Dormammu so far, but if this document image is real, as many on Reddit seem to claim, then it could give us a look at an aspect of the film that we have not yet seen, or possibly a hint of where Doctor Strange will be going.


Of course, the existence of the document only goes so far. Traveling between realms is a big part of Doctor Strange and so the idea that the character might find himself in the dark dimension, ruled by Dormammu, is not a stretch. Does the character play a larger role in the film? Is he the power behind Mads Mikkelsen's character? Alternatively, Marvel could have Dan Harmon writing the post-credits stinger. Perhaps we won't see this character until then, which is why we've seen no hint of him in the trailers.

Are you excited by the prospect of seeing Dormammu in Doctor Strange ? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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