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The cast of Justice League recently got together to record a message of support for, an organization protesting a potential oil pipeline to be built near their home. However, one member of the team was noticeably absent. While we don't expect Henry Cavill to be appearing early in the Justice League movie, we would expect to see him joining his castmates for anything not story related. Yet, he's nowhere to be seen.

An oil company is looking to build a pipeline right through land which is part of the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Due to the potential environmental damage that such a pipeline could cause, the tribe is fighting the placement of the pipeline in court. Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller all stand together here to voice their public support for the tribe. However, Superman Henry Cavill does not join them.

It would be one thing if this video was at all film related. From a story standpoint, Superman is dead. However, it's not like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tried to make a secret of the fact that he will eventually return. We all know that Cavill will be back in the red and blue (or possibly black) sooner rather than later.

The more likely explanation is that for whatever reason they all decided to film this video on a day Henry Cavill wasn't around. While we know Cavill will appear in the film, there were certainly be a large portion of the movie he won't be in, so he surely has fewer shooting days than the rest of the cast. One would think they would make arrangements to be sure the entire cast was together. However, it's fairly clear that this video was filmed on the spur of the moment. They're standing in front of what appears to be a makeup table, which is (we hope) why Ezra Miller is in a robe and Jason Momoa is not wearing a shirt. Basically, everybody is standing there in their underwear.

There is always the possibility that Henry Cavill actually supports the oil pipeline and thus chose not to take part. Maybe he's the one holding the camera since it looks like they all decided to film this thing at a random moment as they were getting ready for a day of filming. Either way, Henry Cavill is conspicuous by his absence. There's certainly a potential perception issue here.

Whatever the reason for the incomplete Justice League, it's still nice to see the rest of the team united for a good cause. It's like they're a real life team trying to do some good in the world, not simply actors playing superheroes in the movies.

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