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The X-Men is an interesting franchise. While not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mutants and their adventures have captured the hearts of audiences for decades. Bryan Singer's original movie was a game changer for superhero flicks, and 90's kids will always remember the fantastic animated series that ran for five years. Plus X-Men: Evolution was an additional cartoon airing in the 2000's, only adding to the cultural impact of Stan Lee's group of misfits.

The latest addition to the X-Men universe is Logan, which will be Hugh Jackman's final time playing the role of Wolverine in live action. Logan's fantastic first trailer recently dropped, and now someone has remade it using footage from both the 90's cartoon and X-Men: Evolution. Check it out below.

Pretty spot on, right? Attempting to recreate the Logan trailer using only these old clips is no easy task, especially since the Old Man logan storyline hasn't really been explored in the various cartoon versions of Wolverine. Instead, those responsible had to comb through certain episodes of the 90's animated series in order to find clips of Logan out of costume and looking worse for the wear.

A clever bit of editing was also needed to include Laura/ X-23. X-23 actually made her debut in X-Men: Evolution. In the series, she was a female clone of Wolverine that would often go into feral fits of rage like her "father". Rather than three claws on each hand she has two, in addition to one on each of her feet. This cartoon character eventually became so popular that they included X-23 into the comic books. And now it appears that she'll be making her live action debut in Logan.

Of course, Laura as she's seen in the Logan trailer is quite younger than the teenage portrayed in X-Men: Evolution. But since she's not seen in most forms of X-Men media, we could suspend our disbelief and watch her scenes played out through a teenage counterpart. Additionally, the use of Charles Xavier was done rather well, but they had much more material to use. And he didn't look quite as ghastly as Patrick Stewart does in the new trailer.

Some changes in the action of Logan's trailer had to be changed for the above video, although that is to be expected. There aren't any cartoon shots where Logan takes his claws through the head of an enemy, so that red band moment had to obviously be negated. Additionally, X-23 was shown in all of her badass glory from the cartoon, but Laura only got a second or two of action in the live action trailer. But maybe we'll see her claw through enemies when the movie is released.

Logan will slash its way into theaters on March 3rd, 2017.