2016 is almost over, though we've still got one month to go before we can finally say we're citizens of 2017. And with another month comes another culling of Netflix titles that you were probably planning on enjoying at some point or another. So consider this our monthly warning that now might be a good time to look at what's coming off of the red envelope's streaming services, and plan your viewing habits accordingly. Without any further delay, here's what you should be catching before December takes it away from your Netflix queue!

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler movies are like butter cookies: when done right, they can be timeless treats you wish lasted longer, but when botched, you end up throwing them out and cursing a lot. 50 First Dates is, thankfully, one of the former type of movies, as his chemistry with Drew Barrymore still shone strong with this rom-com. Watch it with someone you love.

American Beauty

Sam Mendes made one of the most impressive directorial debuts in Hollywood when he directed American Beauty back in 1999. While the film has been memed, mocked, and generally swept under the rug in recent years, it still holds up for those who truly love it for what it is. Give it another chance, and remind yourself why it was a classic in the first place.

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