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Watch A YouTube Chef Make Buddy’s Dessert Pasta From Elf, Then Try To Do It Yourself

The Christmas season means it's time to watch Christmas movies. Many will probably include the Will Ferrell comedy Elf among their watch list, but most probably won't take their feelings for the movie quite to this extreme. We're not sure anybody has ever wondered what Buddy's breakfast of candy and pasta actually tastes like, but if for some reason you did, the recipe has now been put together for you. Check it out.

The recipe begins with making pasta in the usual way, although I'm making a note to finish making pasta in the sauce from now on. The idea had quite simply never occurred to me and I have to say that the pasta made that way looks better, certainly better than pasta when I make it. From there, you add the various toppings that Will Ferrell throws on top in Elf, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and Pop Tart pieces among others. Why did anybody think this was a good idea? In case you were curious, yes, it's disgusting.

We're not sure what possessed YouTube show Binging with Babish to try to create something so awful. Sure, it's the holidays and everybody is doing holiday themed stuff, but was there no better idea? There wasn't an interesting eggnog or Christmas dinner special side dish that we could learn how to make? Nobody who isn't crazy will ever make this. Even if I had never watched this I would never have had the inclination to create this monstrosity myself.

In Elf we see that the elves in the North Pole basically live on a diet of sweets, which is what leads Buddy to add sugar to pretty much everything he eats. We can only imagine that after filming scenes like this one Will Ferrell must have hated it as much as the chef does.

Honestly, the mistake is probably the pasta sauce. All of the sweets, while probably too much for most people, certainly work together on their own. Pasta by itself doesn't necessarily have a strong flavor, it's why we always add some kind of sauce. It's probably the tomato sauce, which can have a very strong flavor, and doesn't compliment chocolate, which throws the entire dish off. Perhaps making it that way would make the dish more palatable. Maybe. Possibly.

If there are any foods that come from movies that you would be more interested in, then Binging with Babish is a YouTube channel worth checking out. He has many other recipes available for things that look a lot better to eat including a recipe for the prison sauce from Goodfellas which looks like something I'd much rather put on pasta than marshmallows.

Have you ever tried to make the Elf candy breakfast pasta? Is there another famous movie dish that you might actually enjoy eating? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, I'll just stick to watching the movie.

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