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Hugh Jackman Walks Off Into The Sunset On Gorgeous New Logan Poster

Fans are getting ready for the end of an era when Hugh Jackman dons the adamantium claws of Wolverine one last time. It's fitting then, that a new poster for Logan shows the mutant in front of a sunset. Whether this moment happens in the film literally or only figuratively, it will be the sunset for one amazing run of films.

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To be fair, while we see Wolverine and a sunset, he's not walking into it so much as walking out of it. He's not quite ready to walk into the sunset quite yet, as there's a little bit more work to do. The final film, Logan, which will mark the ninth time that Hugh Jackman has played the role, is set to come out in march and the new poster shows the mutant alone in the wilderness. His claws are extended, however, which would imply that he's getting ready for a fight.

The details of Logan, which is still an awful title, are vague but we know that the film takes place in the future of the X-Men universe where most mutants have died out. Logan, being a man who doesn't age normally, is still going, though his healing factor has apparently begun to fail him. He's dedicating his life to protecting a young girl who is like him while also caring for the ailing Professor X. The film certainly promises to be a much more mature story than any previous movie in the franchise, we haven't seen much of our traditional comic book action in the first trailer.

When Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine in the original X-Men film nearly two decades ago he was a virtually unknown actor. However, he almost instantly won over comic book fans and has become the face of the character ever since. He's been seen, in cameos at the very least, in every film within the franchise ever since. He's the only actor to have had that honor.

From all indications, it really does seem like Logan is being set up to be a proper swan song for the character and the actor who made a career of playing him. It looks to act as a final chapter in a long-running story. We're certainly excited to see how the story will end, though we're also sad that the book will be closing forever. Hugh Jackman has said that he waited to make the last Wolverine movie until the script was just right. We're going to trust that he's done exactly that.

We'll see Hugh Jackman actually walk into the sunset as Wolverine when Logan hits screens on March 3, 2017.

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