Power Rangers Toy Reveals First Look At The Putties

Now that it's 2017, we're surprisingly close to the release of the new Power Rangers movie... and yet we have still yet to meet some key supporting characters. I am, of course, referring to the Putty Patrollers, or Putties for short. These weird looking goons were the henchmen of Rita Repulsa on the original television series, and while they have been promised, they've yet to be featured in the marketing. That is, until now.

What you see above isn't exactly a screenshot, but it is our first look at the new Putty Patrollers in director Dean Israelite's Power Rangers in toy form. The image comes to us from ToysRUs, which,it should be noted, has a second image of the Putty swinging his arms. While the original Putties on the television show certainly had weird looking faces, it seems that the movie has put an emphasis on the "made from clay" idea and has made them into rock monsters.

For those who aren't familiar with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from the 1990s, the Putty Patrollers were creations of the monster making machine that the villainous Rita Repulsa also used to create giant creatures aimed to kill the Power Rangers. The difference between the Putty Patrollers and these other creatures, however, is that the former were mass-produced, and, truth be told, pretty damn terrible. While the Power Rangers would appear nervous every time they encountered a group of Putties, they always thoroughly kicked their asses without receiving a single serious injury. The video below hosts a perfect example of one of their "fights."

As you can probably tell from the music, audiences weren't actually meant to take any of it seriously, but that may change with the new big screen adaptation. Dean Israelite's Power Rangers looks like it has taken a page out of the Chronicle playbook, which could explain why the new Putty Patrollers look so different. These guys may actually pose a threat when they are facing off against the titular team.

We will have to wait and see if we will actually get to see the Power Rangers Putties in action before the film is released, but the truth is that the wait for the full thing really isn't far off anymore. The movie is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the first quarter of this new year, and will be out on March 24th. Stay tuned here on Cinema Blend for more updates about the movie as they come in!

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