New Thor: Ragnarok Photo Shows A Feast Fit For Asgardian Royalty

Recently we've begun to learn a bit more about what we will see when Thor: Ragnarok hits screens later this year. However, a new image gives us a peek behind the scenes of the new movie, where we learn that at least the lead character has been eating well since he's been away. The picture put up by the new movie's director has star Chris Hemsworth sitting down in front of what appears to be a feast of numerous raw pumpkins, because that's apparently a thing that happens.

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It has been proven again and again over the last year or so that Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has a glorious sense of humor. We're sure that's most of what led to this particular image making it out into the open. In the very bottom of the frame, you can see what is clearly the edge of a plastic plate with food on it. The person taking the picture, credited as Darryl Jacobsen, is apparently eating food. Normal food, like a normal person. Chris Hemsworth is on the other side of the table. It's possible that there's a plate of normal food in front of him as well, but it doesn't appear that there's enough space considering the massive gourds sitting in front of him.

The gourds are not the weirdest part of this picture, though. Flanking Chris Hemsworth are a pair of weapons. On his right-hand side, we see some sort of massive ax or spear on the end of a polearm. To his left, we see Thor's hammer, which appears to be resting inside a child's highchair.

It's not entirely clear what it is that we're looking at here. While the picture is clearly not a screen shot from the film itself, it's possible that the image does come from the set. We could totally see a scene in the film where Thor is a guest in somebody's home where he drops his hammer in the highchair. At the same time, such a thing doesn't explain where all the gourds have come from. This could just be a table holding a bunch of props for an upcoming scene, it would explain a few of the other items in the frame, like what could be gold coins among other things, but if so, isn't there a better place to sit down and eat?

Everything that we know about Thor: Ragnarok has given us the clear impression that the movie is going to have a bit more of a sense of humor than the previous Thor movies and this picture only helps to solidify that idea. We'll have our eyes open to see how all the pumpkins fit into the story of Thor when Ragnarok hits screens November 3.

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