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Hugh Jackman's New Logan Trailer Is Gritty And Awesome, Watch It Now

Hugh Jackman has had a long run as Wolverine, but his time in the X-Men universe is almost at an end. Logan will see the actor donning the adamantium claws one more time, but the movie promises to be something much different than the previous Wolverine movies, ranging from its R-rating to showing the long-lived mutant seemingly at the end of his rope. With just two months to go until the movie's release, 20th Century Fox has finally released a new Logan trailer, and there's a lot to take in. Check it out!

The name of the movie might be Logan, but the star of the trailer is clearly the little girl that Hugh Jackman's character will be protecting. The trailer opens with her in a store doing some careless shoplifting and it's then that we discover that the truth is that Logan isn't protecting her, he's protecting everybody else from her. She has power, she has claws, she knows how to use them both, but she's also impulsive and angry, leading her to lash out. Sounds like somebody we may have met before.

Set in the near future, Logan will follow Wolverine as he struggles with his deteriorating healing factor and taking care of his old friend Professor Charles Xavier, who has become mentally unstable. On top of these problems, there's also the fact that mutants are slowly disappearing, and many of the ones still around are being seized by a mysterious organization known as Transigen. When Wolverine comes across a young girl named Laura who is "very much" like him, he'll take it upon himself to protect her from Transigen's agents, including Donald Pierce and Zander Rice.

One of the more interesting items of note in the trailer is the fact that Logan will do a little playing with reality. As it turns out, the X-Men comic books are actually real things in the X-Men movie universe. Somehow it would seem that the reality of mutants has made its way to popular fiction. It's not necessarily that surprising an idea when you think about it. If mutants were real, of course somebody would sensationalize their existence with fictional stories of people with super powers.

While the first Logan trailer focused on the film's drama, this one gives us plenty of action, showing us that this will be a Wolverine film that we recognize. At the same time, it looks like something completely new that we can't wait to see for ourselves. Logan claws its way into theaters on March 3, 2017.

Dirk Libbey

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